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Instructors know that individuals learn better
with immediate, actionable feedback.

Your students and employees succeed when you can build on a clear understanding of what they already know. Our instructional and testing solutions are designed to give you faster, more reliable and in-depth results for each individual.


Trust our automated scoring technology — used to score millions of student essays — for textbook companion websites, formative practice and high-stakes assessment.

  • Motivate students with instant scoring and feedback.
  • Give students useful, individualized instructional help.
  • Reduce the time teachers spend grading so they can spend more time teaching.


Use Versant tests to accurately and quickly measure spoken English, Spanish, French, Arabic or Dutch skills for screening, training and high-stakes assessment in over 100 countries around the world.

Learn why the ICC Quality Assurance Report noted our best practices for:


Most U. S. states use our automated essay grading to enhance instruction or as part of their statewide assessment programs.

Versant tests are used by agencies around the world. Examples include an assessment of spoken Spanish for the US Department of Homeland Security, a test of aviation English, co-developed with the FAA, and a test of Dutch language and culture for the Netherlands' Immigration and Naturalisation Service. More recently, the US Defense Language Institute commissioned a spoken Arabic test for assessment purposes.

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