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Visionary Technologies

Our technologies enable innovative
assessment and testing solutions.

Our visionary technologies enable your next-generation testing and assessments. We have patented applications of cognitive science, computational linguistics and speech processing technology

Innovative Assessments

Autoscored reading and writing solutions are based on Pearson's unique implementation of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA). This groundbreaking language modeling offers an easy, flexible tool for improving critical reading and writing skills.

Our patented Versant tests are the first to leverage a completely automated method for testing spoken language. These tests are the result of years of research in speech recognition, statistical modeling, linguistics, and testing theory.

We have recently added an automated criterion-based grading engine for constructed-response mathematics. Applied to grading in assessment or instructional settings, it will enable partial-credit scoring, provide detailed analysis and reporting of a student's work, and deliver appropriate corrective feedback to the student.

Improved Effectiveness

For most aspects of writing and speaking, the performance of automated scoring already equals or surpasses that of human raters. Written and spoken automated scoring have been combined to assess the traditional four language skills -- reading, writing, speaking, and listening -- for college admission and employment decisions. See more in our whitepaper on Demonstrating Reading and Writing Performance Gains.

Our automated speaking and listening scores are virtually indistinguishable from scoring that is done by careful human transcriptions and repeated independent human judgments. Learn more about our Speech and Language test validity.

Customized and Large-Scale Assessment Services

We can help your organization to create a new customized test or to automate a test you already have. Guided by a proven test development process, our Test Development team is unparalleled in its expertise and its success in creating high quality custom tests.

At Pearson, our experience has taught us that different test environments have different requirements and we'll work with you to customize your large-scale tests. Together, we'll define your requirements so you can generate final test deliverables that will help you meet your assessment goals.

We have worked with organizations around the world on large-scale custom test projects and we have the resources and expertise to deliver the solution you need.

Proven Products

You can rely on our patented solutions for assessing students in a classroom or testing employees at work.

Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening

Four-Skills Tests: Pearson is a leader in offering Four-Skills Tests such as the Pearson Test of English for grading and Versant Professional for business use. We are continually adding new products to this category, so please check this site in the coming months to learn more.

Spoken Chinese Tests are the most consistent way to quickly assess conversational skill level among native Chinese speakers. Developed in cooperation with Peking University, this test measures proficiency in learners from any native language background for placement, progress monitoring, recruiting and promotion. Test scores are calculated automatically by the Versant automated scoring system and show a 98% correlation with human scores of the same test. Scores are correlated to CEFR, ACTFL OPI, and HSK Speaking scales.

Intelligent Essay Assessor (IEA) is a Web-based service that automatically evaluates a student's writing skills and knowledge, providing scoring and diagnostic feedback to both the instructor and student. This automated scoring technology uses sophisticated linear algebraic models to analyze the meaning of written text at a deeper level than just key words or patterns. Research has shown that IEA produces scores that accurately match those of expert human readers. IEA can also be customized for your testing needs.

Summary Street allows students to write online summaries of reading assignments and receive an automated assessment. Included are a section-by-section evaluation of content as well as immediate feedback on copying from the text, spelling, redundancy, and irrelevant sentences.

Versant is our line of automated spoken language tests that can be easily taken over a phone or computer by large groups of candidates. Tests are automatically scored within minutes and provide both an overall score and sub-skill scores. The Versant tests have helped corporations, government agencies, universities, and schools accurately and quickly measure spoken English, Spanish, French, Arabic or Dutch skills for screening and training purposes as well as high-stakes assessment in over 100 countries around the world. Versant products can be customized for your testing needs.

WriteToLearn, based on our patented technology, is the next-generation automated writing and reading comprehension assessment and instructional tool for any subject area. As a flexible online tool that includes summary writing and essay writing activities, WriteToLearn offers frequent, consistent practice to help build reading and writing skills. Through regular use of WriteToLearn, students at all proficiency levels gain confidence and improve scores.

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