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September 17, 2013
WriteToLearn Unveils Enhancements for Developing Common Core Writing Skills
Pearson's Online Literacy Tool Focused on Preparing Students for Success in College and Career

June 5, 2013
New Word Prediction Tools in WriteToLearn Provide Increased Support for Building Literacy Skills
Pearson and Texthelp Collaborate to Help English Language Learners, Struggling Readers and Writers Prepare for Common Core

April 12, 2013
Reading Maturity Metric (RMM)
The Reading Maturity Metric (RMM) is the latest artificial intelligence software used to assesses reading comprehension.

Pearson’s automated scoring, testing and assessment solutions accelerate learning for corporations, government agencies, and learning institutions around the world.


At Pearson, we build technology to help you more accurately discover what your students and employees know. And we continually discover new ways to test for that knowledge. Research is at the heart of our work and we have some of the best experts in the world working on your behalf. More


Our visionary technologies enable your next generation testing and assessments. We have patented applications of cognitive science, computational linguistics and speech processing technology. More

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Your students and employees succeed when you can build on a clear understanding of what they already know. Our instructional and testing solutions are designed to give you faster, more reliable and in-depth results for each individual. More

The Four Skills of Literacy
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